YouTube Ads have become the internet’s number one product research and discovery platform, making it a perfect fit to attract customers to your dropshipping e-commerce store. Every day, millions of users worldwide perform searches on YouTube searching for products and services for feedback. This course teaches you how to use YouTube to drive highly targeted website visitors to your dropshipping store, employing basic, easy-to-understand strategies. You will learn how to do the following:

  • Create a YouTube Channel for e-commerce
  • Understand the right campaign objectives to use for YouTube Ads
  • YouTube Ads Audience Research
  • How To Use YouTube Audience Insights To Target the Right Audiences
  • How to Create a YouTube Ads campaign from scratch

YouTube Ads leverage the Google Search Ads platform to help e-commerce brands find the right type of customers to engage with their offers. It is an invaluable, indispensable tool that is overlooked in most dropshipping e-commerce courses; not to worry because we have you covered!