The Prymus Academy community forum is everything. Learning is made less effective on a path traveled alone, without the support of other, more experienced people to help guide you along the way. For this reason, Prymus Academy built a standalone, community forum for students on the same journey and learning track as you, to help make tricky concepts more easy to understand. Each student enrolled in the course will have exclusive access to the Dropshipping: From Beginner to Advanced community forum that includes the following features:

  • Direct Message Access to Course Instructor Eric Smith for private Q&A sessions (included with your membership)
  • E-commerce Paid Advertising case studies held over Zoom
  • Access to Private chat with fellow students
  • SEO case studies held over Zoom

The community access to the course is what makes Dropshipping: From Beginner to Advanced a cut above the competition. This is more than viewing course content, and then hoping concepts stick but rather, a community-based approach, where students immerse themselves in the learning experience while being encouraged by a community of supporters there to support them every step of the way.